I went to Dr. Formo for weight loss advise. The Cleanse and Lean in 13 Programs helped to kick start my weight loss efforts. She continues to advise me on my nutritional needs along with exercise plan on my weight loss journey.
Woodinville, WA

Chiropractic Care

  • Manual manipulation: Also known as Diversified Technique. This includes hands on adjusting and drop table adjusting for optimal spinal alignment and movement.

  • Extremity adjusting: Upper and lower extremity adjusting to correct misalignments and treat sports injuries. The methods of adjusting include manual hands on adjusting, drop table, and activator.

  • Applied Kinesiology: Manual muscle testing and meridian therapy to localize specific areas in the body that need to be treated for optimal alignment and wellbeing.

  • Custom-fit orthotics: Specific exam and casting, along with training and modifications. The feet are casted using a hard foam, and performed in a semi-weight-bearing position. The orthotics made are a semi-rigid orthotic which provides the needed structural correction in the arch and ankle joint, while also adding cushioning properties that are best suited for athletes and active people. Types of orthotics include standard, sport, running, skiing, dress model, and more.

  • Cold LASER therapy: Infrared light therapy that is used to treat acute and chronic conditions. In an acute injury it helps to reduce edema and swelling while disrupting the current pain cycle. In a chronic issue it is best used to decrease inflammation and dull pain.

  • Customized homecare and exercise program: What a patient does when they are not in my office is just as important as what I do when they are in my office, in terms of correcting the current issue, and resolving the cause to their condition. I am very big on homecare and help my patient’s understand the importance of the exercises that I may give them. I also have my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, which allows me to design customized exercise programs for active individuals, athletes, or people just starting out with exercise.